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Business Intelligence

Definition of Business Intelligence from Gartner 'Business intelligence (BI) is an umbrella term that includes the applications, infrastructure and tools, and best practices that enable access to and analysis of information to improve and optimize decisions and performance.' Gartner also go on to define how it can be achieved 'Leverage technology and best practices to deliver management insight from enterprise applications and data. Combine business intelligence tools and applications with effective structure, quality improvement and information governance and learn to maximize payback while minimizing risk.'

Katalis brings a number of approaches/offers to clients through our senior consultants and partner network

  1. Our Consultants. We provide independent advise and support to clients to assist them chose teh righ BI strategy. Too often, companies select a BI tool in advance of defining the needs and through our advice may find a more effective and economically viable solution to their BI needs. We are independent but have also worked with a number of partners and are happy to recommend tehse should their capabilities meet your needs;
  2. Our custom development Partners. We have teamed with an Irish company and an offshore Indian company to provide our clients the best combination of time to market and overall cost of ownership. These are:
    • Onshore. We have teamed with www.tekenable.com who have been in business since 2002 developing custom solutions in the Microsft and Java space.
    • Offshore. We work with www.spheregen.com based in India and successfully delivering custom BI solutions to global clients
  3. We actively promote a low cost rapid deployment product from www.jedox.com. The Jedox products underlying in-memory OLAP database is through the unique use of GPU Technology within the BI market the fastest in-memory BI solution worldwide. It uses Excel as it primary interface and thertefore can almost instantly remove spreadsheet clutter and its inherent risk. In a recent Business Application research center (BARC) survey, Jedox came out on top in the following categories:
    • Business Achievement;
    • Agility/project length;
    • Quality/Support;
    • Real-time anlysis;
    • Innovation; and
    • Cost of ownership.