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We are delighted to outline the services of our partner companies.

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  • Software Development. Analysis, Design and Development, Support, Maintenance and Continuous Improvement of custom business software on .Net, SQL Server, Azure Cloud.  Dovetail has provided mission critical systems for blue-chip companies, state agencies and high-potential startups.  We provide solutions for Web, Mobile and Offline (internal) use.

  • Software Integration. Dovetail provides custom systems integration capabilities.  Almost all our custom solutions integrate with other backoffice systems and we have a dozen years of experience analysing and providing integration solutions which send data and events to and from disparate systems, databases, file systems and web services.  

  • Mobile. We provide device-agnostic web applications which work on all mobile and desktop devices; we also provide native apps for Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile.

  • Software Services. Provision of experienced .Net developers to work in your environment, managed by Dovetail.

  • Design and User Experience. Our UX specialists will ensure that your system is designed to be intuitive, easy-to-use, aesthetically pleasing, and to function across all mobile and desktop devices.

John O'Byrne

Jedox BI solution

          Jedox - plan,analyse,report

T he Jedox products underlying in-memory OLAP database is through the unique use of GPU Technology within the BI market the fastest in-memory BI solution worldwide. This provides for the analysis of extreme volumes of data and the extensive planning and simulation of scenarios for fast response times. Jedox provides solutions that are as individual as their customers. We are committed to streamlining processes and boosting efficiency in the corporation. Of course the Integrating Jedox solutions with corporate IT is simple. Over 80,000 installations in 108 countries. Jedox boast the lowest cost of ownership amongst it planning peer group.

Solutions include:

  • Planning and Forecasting

  • Reporting and Analysis

  • Sales Controlling

  • Procurement Controlling

  • Project Controlling

John O'Byrne

Canea CANEA Framework - Overview

CANEA Framework consists of different modules that can be used alone or in combination:

CANEA DocpointIT_Docpoint_Icon
The document management system that makes information easily accessible and supports the full document life cycle. Ideal for handling a process-oriented management system.


IT_Improof_IconCANEA Improof
A workflow solution and improvement tool that streamlines and quality assures many types of administrative processes in one solution.



CANEA Projects 
The new generation's project, portfolio and resource management system with support for the whole project organization.



CANEA Process 
The process tool that is a support during mapping and development of the operation's processes and value flows. Allows you to create and communicate process models.

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  • Software Development. In .NET, Java EE, SE and ME and Open Source Dynamic and Interpreted Languages, are all included in our platform, as well as the leading DB solutions. In addition to the traditional environments TEKenable have significant capability in mobile and cloud solutions.

  • Technology consulting. TEKenable has a team of senior technical consultants and business analysts that can assist with technology strategy through to detailed systems design.

  • Application support. TEKenable provides clients with 24/7/365 support, for mission critical systems, ensuring someone is always watching your back.

  • Cloud services. Reduce your Capital Expenditure to almost zero! Cloud Computing gives you the infrastructure on demand model that eliminates the need for provisioning of new servers et al. Scale up and down, based on demand.

John O'Byrne



  • Blended Development. Offfering a 40% application lifecycle saving of over 40%, Spheregen can deliver solutions in Microsoft technology, Java and Open Source.

  • Blended Onshore/offshor resources.  Together with Katalis, Spheregen will be able to supply top quality resources for your project onshore and offshore. To maximise the benefits this service is best utilised on a blended basis

  • Business Intelligence. The Custom BI Development services practice can design, construct and implement a complete Business Intelligence solution or a Data Warehousing solution.

Sanjay Dravid



The QPR Balanced Scorecard Solution is focused at organizations that wish to upgrade their Balanced Scorecard initiative from a home-grown IT implementation to a flexible, automated and user-friendly solution. With QPR Balanced Scorecard you can involve more users, teams, departments, branch offices and business units with a systematic and unified approach in turning your strategy into action, monitoring your progress and managing all activities aimed at fixing gaps between what was planned and what is achieved.

Most organizations have several forms of performance management in place, often using desktop tools like Microsoft Excel. Although well suited for small-scale performance management, the initiative becomes cumbersome once more people, teams, departments, business units and focus areas get involved. Reporting cycles become too long as much effort is required to format, consolidate and report information. With QPR you keep your performance management initiative effective, efficient and flexible, whether it is the management of your strategy, operations, suppliers, distributors, employee motivation or other area of performance.

With the QPR Balanced Scorecard Solution you will:

  • Engage your employees active participation in the management and execution of your strategy

  • Save time and effort in gathering, managing and reporting performance information

  • Speed up performance reporting cycles

  • Maintain flexibility in what you wish to measure, how often and in what format

  • Upgrade from home-grown fast, without hassle and remain able to maintain it yourself

John O'Byrne
C areer Guidance Solution https://www.careerguidancesolution.com/ 

Career Guidance Solutions help clients work towards realistic and exciting career goals.   They will work with individuals in identifying possible career paths and options available.   When you have those goals clearly in your mind, they will facilitate you through the steps in order to achieve that fulfilling job.   


This service provides coaching and support at every stage of the job application process.   You will be helped create a CV that stands out and clearly and concisely allows a potential employer recognize your ability and skills which will get you to that Job Interview.   Career Guidance Solutions then help prepare you for Interview Success.   We want you to walk from an interview, knowing you did your best. 


There is learning gained from every experience and we will work with you in channeling that learning and ultimately achieving the result and job that will give you both fulfillment and financial reward.


You will be given support throughout the job hunting process and won't feel alone.   This support can be provided by our interactive workshops, individual career coaching and telephone and email support throughout the process.

We take a hands-on, practical approach to the job hunting process, and encourage realistic and compelling goals that are achievable.  We fully understand the recruitment business and have indepth knowledge of what Hiring Managers and companies in general look for.


We are affordable, flexible and understand that when you are looking for a new job, returning to the workforce or making a career change - it can take time.   Our workshops can be held outside of office hours to facilitate those clients who are in jobs but want and need to change careers but cannot abandon their current income in order to do so!

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