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CIO & CTO Interim Management and Advisory

Gartner ' CIO Priorities' Published on: November 5, 2012 "Among U.S. board members, only 16% have experience in IT. While IT is 5% or less of most budgets, it is still a large line item for your enterprise. You need to be able to construct an IT strategic plan that the board can review annually so you can find the inconsistencies between what IT is saying is important and what the board knows to be important."

Katalis has assembled an expert panel of Consultant/Interim CIO's that can provide a simple and inexpensive service to:

  1. a board where there is no CIO/head of IT in Sitiu; or
  2. a CIO/Head of department that would benefit from additional advice in times of significant change

Our experienced CIO/CTO will advise on:

  1. what is being done to ensure we maintain competitive advantage;
  2. what is being done to ensure we improve productivity;
  3. what investments should we be considering for the future
  4. where are we at risk;
  5. whether IT tools, software, equipment and telecommunicatiosn devices are being used for business excellence;
  6. how we are doing on the basics;
  7. whether prospective IT solutions will be profitable if deployed; and
  8. Business Continuity and disaster recovery.

They will also be responsible for:

  1. provision of articles to key stakeholders responsibile for technology;
  2. preparing for Board/Steering by reading relevant material and discussing with appropriate stakeholder.;
  3. attending monthly meetings where there is not a CIO/CTO represented; and
  4. preparation of debrief notes and recommended next steps for key stakeholders subsequent to meetings.

What does it take to do this?

  1. We believe this can be done in 1.5 days per month with an additional 2 days familiarisation at the start of the engagement.

Key assumptions

  1. A Business strategy is available and fully documented; and
  2. An up to date IT strategy is available.