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PMO services

Katalis can support the implementation of the recommendations of the IT readiness Risk Assessment with a simple service which uses a third party managed service from www.qpr.com (access to this solution will be free during the project and the client may choose to extend this service after completion) The service outline below is based on the Risk Assessment recommendations but this approach can be used for any PMO service.

The key components of the process are:

  • Katalis understand the actions, action owners and reporting cycle (These will be known from the IT readiness assessment in other cases a piece of work will need to be done to prepare information);
  • This workstream will be entered onto the QPR Scorecard solution by a Katalis consultant;
  • Access to the QPR portal will be given to the owners of the actions and teh system will remind them on status update requirement;
  • Katalis will monitor action completion remotely and produce a monthly (periodic) report; and
  • A Katalis consultant will attend a project Steering Committee meeting monthly to report on progress. Further actions will be recorded in the QPR tool and made available to the action owners.


  • Installation and population of the QPR portal and action management solution;
  • Monthly status reports;
  • Monthly update to Steering Committee; and
  • Monthly action update on QPR portal.


  • We believe this can be achieved with 2 days (for IT readiness Risk Assessment only) setup and up to 2 days per month to monitor and report.


  • A steering committee will be set up for this specific set of activities; and
  • A client Project Manager/project owner will be available.