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Solution Implementation

Our team can manage all aspects of a solution implementation from design, through Business case to search and selection or development right through to sign off and post implementation review.

The key areas include:

  1. High level Business requirements. Our senior consultants have many years experience in working with senior stakeholders in all areas of teh business and have ilicited information busienss requirements and fomalised these to sign off of of a document;
  2. Business Case. Where a business case is required before commencement we will prepare a document and achieve sign off to cover elements 3 solution design and internal costing, 4 detailed requirements and sizing of interla components & 5 Search & selection. Matching these project costs and the expected benefits to establish the oevrall busienss case;
  3. Solution design. We have worked with Solutionarchitects or can bring our own architects to assis in the design;
  4. Detailed Solution requirements. Development of the detailed requirements that will be used in the search & selection and vendor contracts.;
  5. Search & selection. We have conducted small and large (up to 70 application) search & selection processes;
  6. Contract negotiation and management. In the case of an external solution we have considerable experience in negotiating with large and small suppliers and believe tha t we can reduce costs to our clients by at least 10%
  7. Implementation project Mobilisation and Governance. Our Program & project management experience will be brought to bear on this aspect of the overall cycle;
  8. Systems development management and customisaton. A nuumber of us are either still involved in systems development projects or have come from a systems development background;
  9. Project Communication. This is a key change management activity and a vital activity that is often overlooked;
  10. Change management. We have built up a competency in bring business and technology change to many large organisations. A number of us have a background in Business Optimisation and we use these tools and techniques to bring in cultural, operational and organisation change that may be required by the solution;
  11. Data conversion. Most projects now have a significant amount of data cleansing, conversion and new data capture. We have managed major conversions and data takeon;
  12. Testing. testing should always be the largest activity of a major systems upgrade and should always be developed to test the business requirements.. With scarce operational resources and vast numbers of transactions it is recommended that external test assistance is utilised and automated test tools used where possible;
  13. Training. We have runs training programs for thousands of individuals, teams and departments;
  14. Go-Live management. This is an integral part of the project;
  15. Post implementation review. A post implementation review is a must to ensure that benefits have been realised;