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Carol O’ Byrne of Katalis Ltd, in association with Pitman Training Swords is now offering a Career Mentoring Service. Carol is a highly experienced Career Guidance Counsellor and Recruitment Specialist. She has worked in private practice for the last number of years advising and coaching individuals in how to look for innovative ways to get the Job/Career that will ultimately give them fulfilment and financial security. She has a hands-on and practical approach and encourages realistic and compelling goals that are achievable.  She supports clients throughout the job hunting process. Having worked in the recruitment industry, she has in-depth knowledge of what Hiring Managers and companies look for,  initially in CV’s and ultimately at interview stage.

Getting your CV right is the first stage in the job hunting process.It is your sales brochure and needs to encourage potential employers to see you.

Workshop 1 – CV Writing and Layout

  • The purpose of your CV is to get you to the interview.
  • Recruiters and Hiring Managers read CV’s in under 20 seconds. You need to provide information to them in a clear and concise document highlighting the skills that they require.
  • Ensure there are no spelling or grammatical errors – spell check is not always your friend.
  • On completion of the workshop, you will be able to write an excellent CV that reflects your experience and skills and confident of your ability to ‘re tweak’ as required when applying for specific jobs.
  • You will value your CV and recognise the contribution you can make to a company

Workshop 2 – Get Your Ideal Job!

  • Identify your interests and your values and how you can take a pro-active approach to getting the job that is out there for you at this particular time in your life.
  • When you desperately want a new job, it can be a lonely and frustrating time trying to find it. It may look like there are plenty of jobs out there, but when you actually go looking, it’s often hard to find something suitable, in the right location.   When you do, you then have to work through the interview process, which can be very intimidating.
  • Often people feel they simply don’t have the confidence to shine at an interview – no matter how brilliant they might be for the job.

Invest in Yourself. Get the Right Support

If you’re job-hunting right now, then you’ll be familiar with what we’ve just described. But don’t go it alone – we offer an affordable, friendly, expert service that will guide you through this process and put you on track to get the job you want.

Here you will get support and motivation to

  • Discover what really interests and motivates you
  • Identify the skills you need for your potential role
  • Help you look in the right places, for the perfect job.

Take Control – Drive Your Destiny

  • You will look at ways to network and build your confidence in doing so. Be confident approaching Recruitment Agencies and be selective in doing so too.
  • Look at innovative ways to gain experience in possible areas of interest. It is often worthwhile to find out what you don’t want as well as concentrating on what you think you might want!
  • Be selective about the type of roles you apply for. Apply for jobs that will fit in with your values and requirements and monetary needs.   Take a holistic approach to the job hunt to ensure sustainability.
  • Set up your  LinkedIn profile which is essential in today’s market. Remembering that you only put up what you want.   You have full control of what is on view.  This will be reiterated throughout the process.


  • Interviews can be fraught with anxiety and worry as to how you are going to perform. This workshop will help you with practical suggestions for the interview process and make sure you walk away from it feeling you did your best.
  • Competency based questions need to be prepared for. You will recognise your strengths and weaknesses and how to convey them positively and honestly.
  • What questions should you ask?
  • Success strategy – if at first you don’t succeed, what will you do the next time to ensure the favourable outcome. There is no ‘failure’ only ‘feedback’!


  • This is an opportunity for you to really take a personal look at where you are in your career – and where you would like to go
  • We will work with you in identifying actions that need to be taken in order to reach your goal
  • At this session, we will work together to ensure that you are moving in the right direction and are confident going through the interview process.
  • Deal with any concerns you may have about the job hunting process.

On completion of the workshops and your one on one career mentoring session, you will receive on-going support by phone and email until you feel you are where you want to be in the exciting, frustrating, nerve-racking, rollercoaster ride that searching for a job can be. 

For more information and to book a place please call Carol O’Byrne from directly on 086 245 2900 or access https://www.careerguidancesolution.com/