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IT readiness Risk assessment

Katalis will deploy an experienced CIO/CTO to carry out a short IT risk assessment with the key stakeholders in your organisation. You the client will received a Risk register completed with recommendations for remediation and timescales for completion.

Our consultant will:

  1. interview key stakeholders;
  2. Review your technology footprint and initiatives;
  3. Develop the risk register;
  4. Review and agree this register with the IT representaive; and
  5. Report to the executive team and establish ownership of the risks.

The outcomes:

  1. The client will receive a risk register that can be used to manage the remediation;
  2. Risks will be owned by the senior executive team; and
  3. Managers will be assigned to remediation with clear timescales.


  1. We estimate that this can be done in 6 days over a 3 week period


  1. Key stakeholders do not exceed 4 internal and 2 external contacts; and
  2. Any previous assessments will be made available to the consultant.